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The future of the NRA and where do conservation interests turn for political support in a vacuum

The Great Outdoors NRA talk with Chris Dorsey

JANUARY 14, 2024
On this airing of The Great Outdoors, Charlie Potter is joined by Forbes writer Chris Dorsey to talk about the future of the National Rifle Association as well as the changes in political support when it comes to conservation interests. You can read Chris’s article on the fate of the NRA here.

Dr Dale on Quail

AUGUST 17, 2022
The Dr. Dale on Quail podcast series was initiated three years ago, and it’s been really well received. Co-host Gary Joiner (Communications Director for Texas Farm Bureau) serves as a great color commentator. The monthly podcast lasts 40-50 minutes and addresses various quail-related topics.

The Revolution with Jim & Trav

Revolution Podcast with Chris Dorsey

JULY 21, 2022
Chris dives into a project that puts conservation on the big screen, an IMAX film he is the executive producer of called, Wings Over Water.

Brand Father of Outdoor Television, Chris Dorsey

Duck Season Somewhere

Chris Dorsey Brand Father Outdoor Television

FEBRUARY 14, 2022
Described as the greatest outdoor TV producer is history, Chris Dorsey is a former wildlife biologist, author of many outdoor books, past Editor-in-Chief for Ducks Unlimited and Sports Afield magazines with works appearing not only in most outdoor magazines but in Newsweek, National Geographic, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes. Having produced more than 2,000 episodes across 55 series, he’s hunted and fished on 5 continents, taking all 29 North American big game species, Africa’s Deadly 7 and all spiral horns. But he’s an ardent duck hunter, too, and one helluva great storyteller. His most recent achievement is the epic IMAX film, Wings Over Water. 

Forbes columnist Chris Dorsey

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“Dorsey is forever aware that the game he pursues and the land and water in which it lives are constantly threatened by greed, thoughtlessness and those who prioritize other interests. He worries even as he celebrates his adventures that our children and grandchildren may never experience them unless we are prepared to defend what makes it all possible.”